Our Story

Our financial beginnings were humble but we were rich in family values. Our parents both had an entrepreneurial spirit, but circumstances primarily out of their control significantly diminished our family's ability to do more than scrape by financially. There were hard times, but they helped create some of our core values early on. We learned to appreciate the value of a dollar but that a person's worth is not based on their financial status. We also learned early in life that your word is your bond, and your character and integrity will shine through when all else fails, regardless of the situation. Growing up playing sports and working at young ages taught us determination and perseverance. We utilize those traits today when faced with a complex situation. We are not good at accepting the concept that something is not possible, and we take exhaustive measures to find a way to solve the needs of our clients. We have carried these core values throughout our personal lives and professional careers and have built a reputation for doing what is right. We are proud of our positive impact on the people and community around us.

We both started our careers at well-known multinational investment firms, and while those firms have their place in the financial world, as time passed, we found it difficult to provide the level of service we wanted for our clients. In the earlier part of our careers, we witnessed many “financial advisors” whose main objective was to benefit personally by “selling” products to their clients. That approach didn’t sit well with us, and we didn’t want to be associated with those folks.

So, in 2010 we took a major career risk and resigned from the big-name multinational firm. We could have moved to another big-name firm and taken a seven-figure signing bonus, but we didn't feel that would be in our clients’ best interest. While the money was tempting, we knew it wasn't the right move for us. Instead, we decided to establish our own independent financial consulting firm. While our move was risky, it was a calculated one, and in our view, it was the best way to put our clients' interests first. To us, putting our clients’ interests first is not just lip service, we mean it. We envisioned taking care of our clients without roadblocks and without proprietary products and agendas. To this day, we feel it was the right move for our clients and, therefore us, and one of the best career decisions we could have made. Our goal was to create an environment where we could let our client's needs dictate the advice and services we provide, and we have accomplished that. Guiding our clients through the complex financial decisions in their lives is a responsibility we don't take lightly, and the trust placed in us is the greatest professional compliment we can receive.

 Building a successful business from scratch takes countless hours and relentless energy. We are proud of the firm we built, our relationships, and our unwavering approach to being stewards of our clients. We sleep well at night knowing we succeed by helping others thrive.

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