Financial Wellness Program

Financial Wellness Program Overview

Our Financial Wellness Program provides employees, executives, owners, and board members unlimited access to experienced financial consultants. We will spend time working with and consulting each person in a one-on-one setting while providing ongoing customized financial advice and recommendations. When appropriate, we will also have discussions about financial stress, the psychological impact financial stress can have on someone, and how to alleviate or reduce financial stress to help give you confidence about your financial well-being.

Our program is not geared as a one-and-done meeting. Our advice is ongoing and will continue as long as you are our client. We provide customized advice while utilizing technology to provide an interactive and well-rounded experience.

We also know that your financial situation is personal and should be treated as such. Our discussions will always be discreet, and we do not share details about your finances with your co-workers, peers, or boss.

The financial consultants at Steffens & Steffens, LLC, have vast experience working with many individual and corporate clients. Our corporate clients range in size from local mom-and-pop shops to a company with more than 14,000 employees. We have the infrastructure and capacity to work with and properly service many more corporate clients and their employees.



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