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Non-Profit Organization Services

Experience With Non-Profit Organizations

Our experience with non-profit organizations includes working with schools, hospitals, municipalities, and public and private not-for-profit organizations.  The services we provide these organizations include managing investment accounts and retirement plans or acting in a consultative capacity utilizing our Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) and Chartered Plan Fiduciary Advisor (CPFA) designations.  These organizations range in size from 5 employees up to approximately 14,000 employees.

Board Experience

We have past and current experience holding multiple Board of Director positions: President, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, and Investment Committee Chair.  So, we understand the various procedures, responsibilities, and commitment a Board of Directors Committee has to a successful organization.  

Our Services

Our service agreement will adress the following topics.

Investment Policy Statement  (IPS)

  • We will review the existing IPS and make update recommendations as needed.

  • If there is no IPS established, we will assist the organization in developing and updating the IPS as needed.

Portfolio  Management

  • We will establish, maintain, and update the portfolio based on the Investment Policy Statement guidelines.


  • In addition to the typical investment options available, we will explore other investments that can assist in reducing potential portfolio volatility, risk, and downside performance.

Reporting & Monitoring

  • We will provide performance reports monthly and as requested.

  • We will provide portfolio risk analysis as requested.

Investment Committee Meetings

  • We will participate in the investment committee meetings quarterly or as requested.
  • We will provide an agenda and a recap for each investment committee meeting we attend so that your compliance file can be updated and maintained. 

  • The recap will provide the following information.

    - Agenda and summary of the meeting.
    - Follow-up tasks for:
             - Investment Committee Members
             - Steffens & Steffens, LLC
    - Attendee Record

Fees / Compensation

  • Our annual advisory fee is typically 0.25% or lower for Non-Profit Organizations.  
  • To help the organization’s cause, we provide a discounted fee for managing the investment assets of a non-profit organization. 
  • The fee is determined by the assets we manage for the organization and the services we provide.

  • Details will be outlined in the Service Agreement.

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