Retirement & Savings Plans

As an independent financial consulting firm, we can work with clients differently from the typical Client/Financial Advisor relationship that we see many companies experience. 

Some of the ways that we differentiate ourselves from other Financial Advisors are:

How we are compensated

How we are compensated

Part of our role as retirement plan fiduciaries include ensuring that the fees our clients pay are appropriate and reasonable for the services they receive.

We prefer to be compensated on a fixed fee basis, which is determined by the number of participants in the retirement plan. We have found that this saves clients thousands of dollars in annual fees versus what financial advisors typically charge.

Typically, financial advisors charge an asset-based or wrap fee to manage retirement plans, which causes the fees to increase as the plan assets increase.

See examples in the Fee Comparison section below.

We can work with any retirement plan provider

We can work with any retirement plan provider

This means that when we start working with a client, you don't have to go through the process of changing your retirement plan provider.

You simply replace the current Financial Advisor and make us the Advisor of Record of the retirement plan.

Service Model

As part of our standard service model, we implement our Business Consulting Program services package for the company and its employees.

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Fiduciary Role

Our fiduciary status requires us to align our interests with our client's interests.

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Fee Comparison for 401(k), 403(b), 457, & Profit-Sharing Plans

We prefer to be compensated on a fixed per-participant fee basis for our consulting services, so your fees do not increase as the plan assets increase.

Below are some examples of the fees 401(k) plans incur by paying an asset-based or wrap fee compared to a fixed per-participant fee.

We welcome the opportunity to run a complete fee analysis for your company that will expose the fees you pay, including:

  • Administrative Fees
  • Asset-Based Fees
  • Custodian Fees
  • Daily Asset Charges
  • Fiduciary Fees
  • Investment Expenses
  • Mortality & Expense Fees (typically associated with retirement plans provided by insurance companies)
  • Revenue Sharing Fees
  • Sales Charges (Front End Load)
  • Third-Party Administrator (TPA) Fees
  • Wrap Fees