Shain Steffens, AIF®, CPFA®, NQPC™

Shain Steffens, AIF®, CPFA®, NQPC™

Managing Partner, Financial Planner

As founding partners of Steffens & Steffens, LLC, my brother Shawn and I created our firm to provide financial planning services to those in need. Our close-knit family upbringing has made working together not only a joyful experience, but also one that allows us to better serve our clients.

My Professional Career

As a financial planner, I've always been fascinated by the diverse skill sets required for the job. Meeting new people and learning about their backgrounds and goals is a captivating aspect of the work. However, the most fulfilling part of my job is helping clients plan and achieve their goals, and witnessing their growth as they navigate through life's milestones. I am also a 12-year winner of the Five Star Wealth Manager award. 

2012 - 2024 Five Star Wealth Manager Award, created by Five Star Professional. The 2024 award was presented in 12/23 based on data gathered within 12 months preceding the issue date. 6,515 advisors were considered, 462 advisors were recognized. Advisors pay a fee to hold out marketing materials. Not indicative of advisor’s future performance. Your experience may vary. For more information, please visit

My Personal Life

I currently live in Knowlton Township, New Jersey, with my wife, Olivia, and our two dogs, Mabel and Memphis. Outside of work, I have numerous interests and hobbies that keep me busy. Spending time with family, friends, and my dogs is a top priority, and outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, hunting, and mountain biking are some of my favorite pastimes.

My Passions

I have a passion for high-fidelity audio, and I can spend hours listening to music through my sound system. I also enjoy participating in physical activities like baseball, football, basketball, and golf. When the sun sets, I continue to learn new things and dabble in woodworking, playing billiards, and tying flies for my next fly fishing expedition. I am also passionate about riding motorcycles, and I enjoy working on them.

My Community Involvement

As a strong believer in the importance of community involvement, I actively participate in various non-profit organizations. I firmly believe that contributing to the community is essential for creating a positive impact on society, and I am wholeheartedly dedicated to playing my part in making a difference.